DiMarco Group

DiMarco Group is a family owned multi-generational business. As the new generation takes over they've recognized the need to rebrand the company and update it's web presence.

The solution includes 8 new websites for each of the companies in the group, and a new brand for the parent comapny.

dimarco group web design

User Interviews

I sat down with the president of DiMarco Group to discuss his brand. My primary focus was to identify a list of brand characteristics I could use for inspiration in the sketching phase of logo development.

DiMarco Mind Map


From here I began the sketching phase.

DiMarco Logo Sketches

Visual Design

After a great deal of refinement and polish the final branding was chosen

HEX #d1b36c

HEX #0c1620

HEX #000

HEX #fff

DiMarco Group Logo
DiMarco Group Logo